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Swimming / Diving / Snorkeling / Kayaking -All over the island

Surrounded by coral reefs and warm waters, Amami has too many good spots for marine sports to just pick one. Almost every area has its own unique appeal. The calm waters in Amami's many protected bays are ideal for relaxing activities like swimming, snorkeling and sea kayaking. For those wanting to try a dive, numerous local companies are run by experienced divers.

Visitors are sure to have an enjoyable time.

Surfing / Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) -All over the island

The waters along Amami's coast vary greatly, ranging from gentle shores to crashing waves, which makes the island perfect for marine sports. The rougher shores are sure to attract thrill-seeking surfers and stand up paddle boarders. Surfers' favorite spots are scattered along the coast; all year round you can find visitors and locals trying to catch the perfect wave.

Paragliding -Kasari, Amami City / Tatsugo Town

Based in central Amami, several outdoor adventure companies offer paragliding services for tourists. You and the paragliding operator will be strapped into backpack-like chairs, ensuring that you feel safe and secure. Seeing the colorful island landscape from hundreds of feet in the air as your feet dangle over the treetops and blue ocean is a thrilling experience. You might even be able to spot a sea turtle.